Bannari Amman Temple

Distance : 20 KM

Bannariamman TempleBannari Amman Temple in Sathyamangalam was created around 300 years ago. The Dananayakkan or Dhandanyakkan Forest was called Bannari and the name comes from this temple. The Bannari Amman Temple, dedicated to the village goddess of Mariamman, draws huge crowds not only during the annual festival but throughout the year.

Bannari Amman Temple: It is one of the most famous Amman temples in Tamil Nadu and is on NH 209, near Sathyamangalam, Erode district. Kundam- Fire walk festival organized during April–May every year, is very famous.

Legend is that this temple is the origin of the present bannari Amman temple in Bannari , situated on the out skirts of the forest , this temple is will tucked in ,attracting a few visitors on most of the days. If you are lucky, you might see a few deer and an occasional Indian Gaur. Morning time, between 7 and 9 Am, will be the apt time to visit here.

Bhavanisagar Dam

Distance : 35 KM

Bhavanisagar DamThe Bhavanisagar Dam and Reservoir, also called Lower Bhavani Dam, is located on the Bhavani River between Mettupalayam and Sathyamangalam in Erode District, Tamilnadu South India, The dam is situated some 16 km (9.9 Mt) west to Sathyamangalam.

The dam is considered to be among the biggest earthen dams in the country. Bhavanisagar dam is constructed on Bhavani River, which is merely under the union of Moyar River. The dam is used to divert water to the Lower Bhavani Project Canal.

There is a garden in front of this dam, which makes it a good picnic spot in this area. There are a few things that children could play with (like swings, etc.) and there is also a small closed channel of water for boating, a nice picnic spot for spending a day.

Kodiveri Falls

Distance : 40 KM

Kodiveri FallsThe Waterfalls formed by the downstream of Kodiveri Dam is a wonderful spot with nice views of the falls (close to the dam). Since the falls are not heavy, anyone can easily reach bottom of the falls and enjoy.

B R Hills ( Billigiri Renga Temple )

Distance : 110 KM

Biligiri Ranganatha temple The B.R. Hills is located inside the Biligiri Ranganna Temple Wildlife Sanctuary and thus becomes the base for the various wildlife expeditions into the park. Open topped jeep rides, with interpret sightseeing, and are the major attraction of the Camp.

A Unique blend of a wildlife sanctuary and hill station, the Biligiri Ranganna Hills (B.R Hills) is a heaven for a variety of wild animals and birds, making it a “must see” for those who love the jungle in its pristine glory. Here, one is welcome to unwind and enjoy Nature’s gifts unfettered by civilization. Jungle lodges and resorts offer you an experience of a lifetime where you can only expect the unexpected, the untamed and the unexplored.

At theB.R.Hills, you are in nature’s lap. Here dawn is greeted by the chirping melody of birds; and nights lit by hurricane lamps, all adding to the delightful experience amidst a perfect jungle setting. Create your own ambience and revel in the spirit of freedom!

Shivasamudra falls (Bluff Falls)

Distance : 110 KM

Shivasamudra FallsShivanasamudra is a tiny island-town which is surrounded by forested hills and lush green valley which cradles a small hamlet and two fine temples. Shivanasamudra Falling from height of 75msuch a great height with making a thunderous roaring sound hits the rocky edges and forms a dark mist of fog which wraps the falls completely. This view provides a brilliant unsurpassed beauty to its viewers. This small island is also an ideal location for going on an adventure and the perfect destination for trekking and fishing enthusiastic tourists. The fall gets its charm especially during monsoon season and impresses large number of tourists giving them an exhilarating experience.

Udayarpalayam ( Geremalam )

Distance : 37 KM

GermalamGermalam it spans over 100 acres of lush green area. It is surrounded on three sides by tropical reserve forests of the Western Ghats and abuts a stream with small waterfall

Gopalaswamy Betta

Distance : 100 KM

Gopalaswamy bettaGopalswamy Betta is a hill, which is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bandipur, situated near Gundulpet in the Chamraj nagar. The destination is famous for a temple located on the top of the hill, surrounded by wood areas; the Gopalswamy Betta is the highest peak in Bandipur national park which offers beautiful views of the valley.